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01 January

Amateur Softball Association Moves to Oklahoma

The Amateur Softball Association moved to Oklahoma City January 1, 1966 after having its offices in Newark, NJ. The decision to establish a Hall of Fame Building in OKC was made in January of 1965. The National Softball Hall of Fame was officially dedicated May 26, 1973 in Oklahoma City. The building was opened to the public July 1, 1973. more...

Saturday, January 01, 1966

01 January

1st apperance of OU at Rose Bowl

The 2003 Rose Bowl game featured the first appearance by the Oklahoma Sooners. The Sooners beat the Washington State Cougars 34-14. more...

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

03 January

1st Commercial Barge to Port of Muskogee

First commercial barge arrived at the Port of Muskogee up the newly opened Arkansas River Navigation System. The cargo is steel pipe manufactured by Republic Steel. more...

Sunday, January 03, 1971

06 January

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Governor M.E. Trapp, in his State of the State Address recommended the creation of an agency of special investigators or state police to combat the outlaws. Thus the legislature appropriated $78,000 to establish the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, now known as the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. more...

Tuesday, January 06, 1925

06 January

Carleta Latham

On this day we remember Exploring Oklahoma History co-founder, Carleta Latham. Carleta was one of the driving forces and inspirations for our adventures into Oklahoma history. She loved traveling up and down Oklahoma's highways discovering all the historical markers along the way. We will always love and miss her. In loving memory: Carleta Latham (1946-2013)

Sunday, January 06, 1946

07 January

Mine Explodes in Krebs

A massive mine explosion leaves nearly 100 dead in Krebs, Oklahoma, on this day in 1892. The disaster, the worst mining catastrophe in Oklahoma's history, was mainly due to the mine owner's emphasis on profits over safety. more...

Thursday, January 07, 1892

16 January

Prohibition Begins Nationwide

Prohibition in the United States (1920 - 1933) was the era during which the United States government outlawed the manufacture, transportation, import, export, and sale of alcoholic beverages. It also includes the prohibition of alcohol by state action at different times, and the social-political movement to secure prohibition. At any time possession of liquor, wine or beer was illegal. Drinking alcohol was never technically illegal, but one who was drinking was liable for prosecution on the grounds that they possessed the alcohol they were drinking. more...

Friday, January 16, 1920

18 January

Jim Thorpe's Olympic Medals Restored

Back in 1913, Jim Thorpe was declared a professional and stripped of his Olympic Medals. After years of trying in October 1982, the IOC Executive Committee approved Thorpe's reinstatement. In a ceremony on January 18, 1983, two of Thorpe's children, Gale and Bill, were presented with commemorative medals more...

Tuesday, January 18, 1983

21 January

Governor Johnson Impeached

On this day Governor Henry S. Johnson was impeached and suspended from office. Governor Johnson was caught up in "Democratic Wrath" when the Republican party took several state offices including seats in the Supreme Court, a near majority in the lower House and substantial gains in the Senate. When the legislature met for its regular session in January 1929 a combination of Republicans and insurgent Democrats set in motion a second impeachment effort. Thirteen charges were presented to the Senate, eleven of which were accepted. Governor Johnston was suspended from office. Finally on March 20, the governor's ordeal ended with the Senate voting to remove him from office on the eleventh charge, that of general incompetency. He was acquitted of all others. more...

Monday, January 21, 1929

21 January

1st Commercial Tow to Port of Catoosa

The First tow to Tulsa Port of Catoosa arrived at 2:20 pm. This was the first commercial tow to travel the full length of the Arkansas River Navigation System. The cargo was 650 tons of newsprint from the Bowater Paper Company. The newsprint was delivered for use in The Tulsa World newspaper. more...

Thursday, January 21, 1971

21 January

Carl Albert Elected Speaker of the House

With the retirement of Representative John W. McCormack, in January, 1971, Oklahoma's U.S. Representative, Carl Albert, was elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. more...

Thursday, January 21, 1971

23 January

National Cowboy Hall of Fame

National Cowboy Hall of Fame established in 1955 to honor the American Cowboy and pioneers who settled the West. more...

{23rd not actual day. The Hall of Fame was established in January 1955, exact date is unknown at time of posting. If you know please contact us.}

Sunday, January 23, 1955

24 January

Ben Kiehn

On this day the State Bank of Bessie was robbed. Ben Kiehn gave his life to the cause of law and order, in defending that which was entrusted to his care against armed bandits. more...

Sunday, January 24, 1926

27 January

10 Lost in OSU Plane Crash

Ten members of the Oklahoma State University basketball family lost their lives in a plane crash near Strasburg, Colorado. Lost were OSU players Daniel Lawson and Nate Fleming, Oklahoma City broadcaster Bill Teegins, OSU athletic media relations coordinator Will Hancock, student assistant Jared Weiberg, director of basketball operations Pat Noyes, athletic trainer Brian Luinstra, broadcast engineer Kendall Durfey, and pilots Denver Mills and Bjorn Fahlstrom. Monuments at the crash site in colorado and the southwest lobby of Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater have been erected. more...

Saturday, January 27, 2001