McClain County Courthouse

National Register of Historic Places:

McClain County Courthouse
(added 1984 - Building - #84003347)
Courthouse Sq., Purcell

Historic Significance: Event, Architecture/Engineering
Architect, builder, or engineer: Hawk & Parr, Cowen Bros.
Architectural Style: No Style Listed
Area of Significance: Architecture, Politics/Government
Period of Significance: 1925-1949
Owner: Local Gov't
Historic Function: Government
Historic Sub-function: Courthouse
Current Function: Government
Current Sub-function: Courthouse

Purcell, OK. 2nd and Washington Street.
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Markers located on Courthouse Lawn:

Purcell, Ok

East side of Marker

Purcell, Ok

West side of Marker

The Birthplace of the State of Oklahoma   Purcell

N.E. Corner of Courthouse