Western Cattle Trail / Yelton Store

This was the westernmost of the famous cattle trails that crossed present-day Oklahoma. From a ford across the Red River at Doan's Crossing, the route ran northward, passing a series of springs and resting places, to Sherman's Ranch on the Kansas border. Relatively free of timber, the trail provided an easy route to Kansas cattle towns across an area in which the Indians were eager to exchange pasturage for a few head of cattle **
About nine miles north and eight miles and three quarter miles west of Buffalo, Oklahoma. **
No GPS Location Mapped
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** Information from Mark of Heritage by Muriel H. Wright (pg 197)

Possible GPS location: 36.97266, -99.77470

Chronicles of Oklahoma: THE TEXAS CATTLE TRAILS By H. S. TENNANT

"... Mr. Dunagan has driven cattle from Doan's Store in Texas, through Indian Territory in the year 1888 to Dodge City, Kansas and he tells me that I have the correct location on the maps. From Doby Springs the trail going generally north down Redoubt Creek and going by what was once Yelton, Oklahoma, no town or buildings there now, on the Oklahoma-Kansas Line, where it leaves Oklahoma in the northwest corner of Section 14, T 29 N, R 24 W, this ranch now owned by Harl Shoeman.

The last ten miles in Harper County were almost solid cultivation. Mr. T. H. Snider now living in Section 19, T 28 N, R 24 W, helped me locate the trail. In 1901 when Mr. Snider first settled on this farm, the trail was very plain. Mr. Snider hauled supplies from Ashland, Kansas, to his farm, when this trail was the only road in that section of the country. ..."