McIntosh County

County Seat: Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432

McIntosh County was named for an influential Muscogee Creek family.


1st Regiment Kansas Colored Volunteers, 1863 - 1865
On July 17, 1863, at the Battle of Honey Springs, the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteers wrote a stirring page in American history, becoming one of the first Black units of the Civil War to play a key role in a Union victory as Major General James G. Blunt, the Union commander at Honey Springs, repo ...
Alexander Posey
This famous Creek poet and journalist's life prematurely ended when he drowned in the North Canadian River near Eufaula on May 27, 1908. Posey was the editor of newspapers, a member of the Dawes Commission, and widely known for his poems such as *Ode to Sequoyah*.
Creek Council Ground
Confederate Commissioner Albert Pike met with Creek leaders at North Fork Town, now covered by the waters of Lake Eufaula, on July 10, 1861, to sign a treaty in which the Creeks pledged their support to the South in the Civil War.
Deputy U.S. Marshal James Nakedhead
Deputy U.S. Marshal James Nakedhead Cherokee Indian policeman First town marshal Tahlequah, Indian Territory, 1890 Jail guard Muskogee, Indian Territory, 1993 Killed at Brush Hill Feb. 27, 1895 when he charged the hideout of Texas outlaws. A brave and fearless officer who gave up ...
Green Corn Dance
Greatest ceremonial rite of Creek Indians was Green Corn Dance. It was held at time of year before corn had fully matured and while grains were soft. Dance was celebration of harvest season and was of intense religious devotion. In preparation for festival old fires were extinguished and new ...
Honey Springs Battlefield
Six monuments and markers pay tribute to those who fought in the Civil War Battle of Honey Springs on July 17, 1863. Included are Honey Springs Depot, the Texas Confederates, the Indian and Texas troops, Union soldiers, and the First Regiment Kansas Colored Volunteers, one of the first African ...
This is one of thirteen All-Black towns, out of more than fifty that once existed, remaining in Oklahoma. While Tullahassee is reportedly the oldest, most were established between 1889 and 1907 as blacks sought security and control of their own destiny in a segregated world. Most of the towns b ...
Vernon, established in March 1912, is named for William T. Vernon, a minister and bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, who also served as registrar of the United States Treasury from 1906 to 1912 under President Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft.